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Next Brave Step Podcast

Jan 1, 2020

Today is January first, and that means goal-setting is on everyone's mind!! while I don't think there is really anything super special about January first. You can start a goal at any time, so if you are listening to this some time in the middle of the year, that is totally fine; all of this will still apply no matter the time of year!

So this February I am finally getting my farming and ranching husband off the ranch, and we are taking a trip to San Antonio, the only reason he is going there is so we can go to the Stock Show! - baby steps, guys!

Anyway, the first thing the travel site I was using asked me was where an I flying from, and where do I want to go? This is the same with goals we need to figure out where we want to go, and where we are starting.
I'm going to walk you through a little exercise quick, so hit pause right fast and grab a notebook or open up the notes app on your phone- or Evernote if you're a cool kid!

Okay, so the first thing I want you to do is to imagine the way you want your life to look like when your 80 years old or maybe 100! 

  • What impacts have you had on those closest to you? 
  • How would your kids or spouse describe you in your obituary?  
  • What impacts did you have on your community? 
  • Was there a cause you were really involved with how did you make others feel?
  • Okay, what impacts did you leave on the world? 
  • What are those big scary awesome things you did to leave the world a little bit better?

  • How does your body feel at 80? Are you in shape, are you healthy?

  • Okay, now, where did you travel in your lifetime?

  • What does your work look like? 


Don't stop to think about what your writing; just keep filling that page with all the things you did, people you loved, and the impact you had.

Okay, now we see where we want to go, and where we are at currently, its time to set some goals to move us in the right direction.