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Next Brave Step Podcast

Jan 8, 2020

You might already have a blog alongside your website, or you are considering getting one. We have all heard that we should have a blog. But here is the thing about a blog, if it's not updated frequently it can send our potential clients the message that we are no longer in business!

So besides that, why is blogging so important as a photographer? Photography is a service and a personal one at that. Your clients are letting you into their lives, and trusting you with some pretty big moments. The more you can give them a reason to feel comfortable with hiring you, the better.

Blogging is a great tool to build that trust with prospective clients. It also lets those prospective clients see your most recent work, and can help to educate them about your photography style, and process!

Consistently blogging will also boost your SEO- that's a fancy term for search engine optimization - basically blogging is going to help filter you to the top of the list when someone is looking for a photographer in their area!

So today, we will be going over how to create a system for creating great content that is going to get you in front of the right clients!