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Next Brave Step Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

Today I'm sitting down with Paige Hulse. Paige is the founder and lead attorney at the creative law shop and online resource for contract templates and business tools for creative entrepreneurs. After working as a contract litigator by day and pursuing her creative outlet of calligraphy by night, Paige recognized the need for legally sound resources for the creative business owners and be in her own law firm. Page hosts law as well as the creative law shop back in 2017 now, Paige is thrilled to be able to support creatives around the world with the shop as well as her trademark and business law services through Paige Hulse law. I knew I wanted to bring a lawyer onto the podcast at some point and so when I was searching around, I'd found actually found the creative law shop about six months ago and there was a few things that I've really loved about the shop right off the bat.