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Next Brave Step Podcast

Sep 19, 2022

Do you find you get the majority of your photography bookings in the winter months? Over the years I've realized most of my amazing clients are booking their weddings in December and January time which means I need to get everything in order way before then! If you also are finding your photography business to be similar, then don't wait around until the end of the year to figure out your goals, and instead map them out before your big booking rush.
From updating your pricing, and refining your dream clients to defining what that dream 2023 income goal is going to be, these are the kinds of goals I'm mapping out in the fall rather than waiting around until the majority of my bookings are scheduled.
In today's episode I discuss:
  • Why I set goals in the fall
  • Why all photographers should set their goals in the fall
  • How to prepare yourself for a big rush of bookings
  • What my goal-setting process looks like
  • How I quarterly refresh my goals
Resources mentioned:
Power Sheets from Cultivate What Matters
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Take a look at my website
Hand-crafted templates & resources to grow your photography business
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