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Next Brave Step Podcast

Dec 4, 2019

A brand and a business sound pretty similar but in all reality, they are really different. A business is offering a product or service and delivering it. A business is only able to stand apart and compete on price. a brand has a personality, has interests, things that make it stand apart, it evolves over time, it grows just like we as individuals grow. Today we are chatting about what a brand is, and how we as photographers can work at building a brand instead of just a business.

what is a brand trying to find a good definition for a brand is hard. It’s hard because it encompasses a lot. Originally the word brand was used by rangers in the late 1880s when they would physically brand animals to identify them. 
So I live on a farm and ranch myself.  For years we only used ear tags on our cows and calves to identify them.  When calves are born we tag one year with their calf tag.  This has the same number as their mom's cow tag. 
For the heifers, we kept they would get their own cow tag in the other ear. 
If you have never seen an ear tag is a rubber tag that is pierced through the ear just like we would wear earrings. This system works pretty good for a few years, but over the years the tags get worn down, and you can’t read the numbers after a few years. Sometimes cows will rip out their ear tags if they get caught on something, or stepped on. 
 About two years ago we started freeze branding our heifers.  We raise black Angus so by freeze branding the heifers they now have a white letter and number that is all their own.  It won’t fade over the years, and it is easy to see from across the pen.  
We use brands to identify each cow individually, but may ranches have their own unique brand that use to represent their ranch.  This makes it harder for someone to steal your animals and pass them off as theirs at the sale barn. Cattle wrestling sounds like something out of the 1800s but I ensure you it still happens today! 
Each ranch has it’s own reputation, as the ranch is passed down from generation to generation that reputation will change.  Each generation will have its own spin on how they conduct business, what bloodlines they decide to integrate into the heard, and the final product it produces. All of that will go into how people feel about the brand. 
While we won’t be physically branding our clients or customers we do want to create that reputation, perception, and feeling that people have when they think about our businesses. 
Much like a ranches brand reputation and preception is going to evolve over time so should ours.  This gives us the ability to pivot.  Businesses who are able to pivot are the ones who are able to keep the doors open. So what does pivoting look like?
A pivot usually occurs when a company makes a fundamental change to their business after determining (usually through market research) that their product isn't meeting the needs of their intended market.